Diesel [dee-zuhl]
- adjective
1). Strong, powerful, well-built

  • 100% American Made
  • Designed & built by fitness professionals for serious fitness enthusiasts
  • Totally customizable paint colors, upholstery, weight stacks, logos, cams and shrouds

Do you have equipment that you would like to update or replace?

DIESEL will buy your old equipment from you for top dollar and remove it free of charge when your brand new Diesel arrives! Totally hassel free!


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  • Check Out Our New Functional Trainer! Totally customizable by placing the 2 towers where ever you want! Any angle, any spacing, plus walk through capabilities...great for PT studios!
  • Coming Soon! The new Diesel Plate Loaded TURBO line is about to launch! We will revolutionize plate loaded technology. Stay tuned.
  • Diesel Dominates Club Industry Diesel unveiled their new Dimension designs and their bench line at Club Industry in Chicago last week. Click to read more and view photos from the show!