Diesel Fitness Equipment proudly offers its customers the following "in house" financial products. Our finance team is comprised of previous club owners who speak the same language as you, our customer. On a professional basis, Club Industry and IHRSA have selected members of our team as speakers for years, so we are generally regarded as the experts of debt financing in the fitness industry.

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SBA Loan Packaging

  • Start Ups and Existing Clubs - $300K up to $2M can include fitness equipment, non fitness equipment, build out and working capital:
    • Real estate purchase is an option with amortization period up to twenty-five (25) years with no balloon payment
    • Franchise program exists for established franchises including Gold's Gym, Anytime Fitness, SNAP Fitness & Planet Fitness with lower deposit percentage (%) required

Cash Advances for Existing Clubs

  • Approvals up to one hundred and twenty-five percent (125%) of average MC/Visa sales ranging from $5K up to $250K
  • No personal guarantee and no restrictions on use of funds
  • Underwriting is not driven by personal credit, however it is a consideration for approval

Municipalities, Public Universities/Colleges & YMCA's

  • Preferred lease rates available
  • Application only up to $75K and full documented leases for $75K+ applications
  • Lease payment options can be set up annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly

Equipment leases with owners with 700+ credit scores

  • Start ups - our equipment leases for applicants with industry experience up to $75K can include cardio and strength equipment, TV's, lockers, signage, tanning beds and health club software
  • IHRSA clubs and Gold's Gyms in business for 3+ years - For every $1 of equipment purchases, we will add an additional $1 for club improvements at your option. Equipment can include fitness equipment, signage, removable flooring, computers, software, security system, lockers, refrigeration for juice bars and anything required to build a health club
  • Fitness Center in business for 3+ years - equipment leases up to $250K can include soft cost up to twenty percent (20%)

Equipment leases with any owner with <700 credit score

  • Start Ups and Existing Clubs - Secured leases with collateral of leased equipment AND either a CD or real estate ranging from $50K up to $500K
  • Start Ups and Existing Clubs - leases up to $30K. Clubs with three plus (3+) years in business can lease up to $50K
  • Existing Clubs - leases ranging from $50K up to $500K only if existing clubs show net income on business tax returns

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (561) 573-0251.


The Benefits of Leasing

Simply defined, a lease is a usage agreement between a lessor (equipment owner) and a lessee (user of the equipment). The lessee pays a periodic fee, usually monthly, to the lessor for the use of the property. Depending on the lease structure, at the end of the lease term the customer can purchase, return, or continue to lease the equipment. A lease is a simple, easy way to enjoy the benefits of new equipment without assuming the up-front costs and risks of ownership.

  • 100% Financing
  • Acquiring New Equipment
  • Almost Limitless Possibilities
  • Avoid Obsolescence
  • Conserve Working Capital
  • Flexibility
  • Leasing vs. Bank Documentation Fees
  • Minimal Cash Outlay
  • Overcome Budget Limitations

It's Fast and Easy

Short applications, quick approvals, and uncomplicated documents make leasing equipment a simple financing option. Leasing also makes adding equipment in the future a snap!